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Community Events

PARENTS WANTED.  We are reaching out to parents to help get the important word out for the dangers of underage drinking.   Please host a "table talk" free presentation in your home.   Visit this link for further information and join us!


Dispose of you unwanted and expired medications at your local police station. See flyer for further information. 












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If you have questions or need further information please call Maria Ruggiero at 978-851-7373 Ext 352


HealthCare Providers



Please note: Many outpatient pharmacies do not stock naloxone (narcan)  but it can be ordered from major distributors with NDC 76329-3369-1. The nasal atomizer can be ordered from the manufacturer LMA (1-800-788-7999), but isn't usually covered by insurance . It may take 24 hours to set up an account with LMA, and the minimum order size is 25.



naloxone billing                                      

 nasal naloxone



Instructions for healthcare providers with patient inclusion criteria and billing options.

naloxone prescription

Prescription and Dispensing instructions with tear-off patient instructions.



Naloxone ordering and stocking reference guide with prescription instructions

Additional Resources:




Source: http://prescribetoprevent.org/