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Community Events

PARENTS WANTED.  We are reaching out to parents to help get the important word out for the dangers of underage drinking.   Please host a "table talk" free presentation in your home.   Visit this link for further information and join us!


Dispose of you unwanted and expired medications at your local police station. See flyer for further information. 












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If you have questions or need further information please call Maria Ruggiero at 978-851-7373 Ext 352


How to Avoid Overdose


Facts about Pain Medication Click Here to Download


If you are prescribed an opioid...

  • Only take medicine prescribed to you
  • Don't take more than instructed
  • Call a doctor if your pain gets worseprescription medications tablets
  • Never mix pain medications with alcohol
  • Avoid sleeping pills when taking pain medications
  • Dispose of unused medications
  • Store your medicine in a secure place
  • Learn how to use Nasal Naloxone 



If you are an active user...

  • Don't use alone: use with friends, let people know you're using, have a cell phone with you, program the number to your local ambulance service.
  • Don't mix drugs: Don't mix - especially opioids, alcohol, and benzos.
  • Be aware of your reduced tolerance: Be aware of your change in weight or recent abstinence. If you relapse your tolerance levels have changed since the last time you used.
  • Be aware if you survived an overdose: Make healthy choices, adjust your doses, seek treatment and/or counseling.
  • Change in drug quality or source: Know your source, be aware of the changes in color/taste/smell/consistency.



Source: www.healthimperatives.org/sphere