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Community Events

PARENTS WANTED.  We are reaching out to parents to help get the important word out for the dangers of underage drinking.   Please host a "table talk" free presentation in your home.   Visit this link for further information and join us!


Dispose of you unwanted and expired medications at your local police station. See flyer for further information. 












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If you have questions or need further information please call Maria Ruggiero at 978-851-7373 Ext 352


Nasal Naloxone


Nasal Naloxone Opioid Overdose Prevention Information sheet Click Here to Download

List of Pharmacies with Standing Orders for Naloxone in Massachusetts

Opioid Overdose is one of the leading causes of death in Massachusetts. Some examples of opioids include Heroin, Oxycodone, Methadone, Fentanyl, Codeine, and Morphine.  In an overdose, opioids can slow breathing to the point of death. Nasal Naloxone (also known as Narcan) blocks the opioids and restores normal breathing when sprayed into the nose of someone who has overdosed. It is safe, easy to administer, and has no potential for abuse.

The Opioid Overdose Prevention and Reversal Project

In order to save lives, the Department of Public Health is conducting a pilot project to distribute Nasal Naloxone (Narcan), a medication that can temporarily reverse an opioid overdose.

nasal naloxone

Program Overview

Programs participating in the pilot project offer referrals to substance abuse treatment for all participants who are misusing opioids. These programs train opioid users, their families, and their friends on how to prevent and recognize an opioid overdose, and what to do if one occurs. The training covers the importance of calling 9-1-1, how to perform rescue breathing, and how to administer Nasal Naloxone.

Where to Get Nasal Naloxone in the Greater Lowell area.


  • Lowell Community Health Center 161 Jackson Street, 978-221-6767
  • Lowell House Inc. 555 Merrimack Street, 978-459-8656

For the latest information on where to get Nasal Naloxone or for treatment referrals in Massachusetts call the Massachusetts Substance Abuse Information Education Helpline at 800-327-5050