Chelmsford is a PPNM and Front Line partner.  For more information on PPNM contact Maria Ruggiero, 978-382-4989, mruggiero@tewksbury-ma.govFor more information on Front Line contact Rachel Beers 978-409-9865  more resources available at


The Town of Chelmsford serves its estimated 33,000 residents through partnerships among the Board of Health, Police Department, and Fire Department to provide Substance Use Prevention Education to residents of all ages which began over ten years ago.  Rather than reacting to situations when they occur, we will continue to approach all health concerns by emphasizing education and prevention.

In 2018, there were 29 reported Opiate Overdoses in Chelmsford along with two fatalities. As of December 2019, there were 30 reported opiate overdoses with two fatalities. *This data does not include Chelmsford residents who overdosed in other towns and if the overdose was not reported to EMS services.

The Town of Chelmsford takes part in a Regional Police Mental Health Collaborative (PMHC) along with the towns of Tewksbury, Dracut, Billerica, and Tyngsboro. The PMHC provides a holistic approach to working with community members who live with mental health and substance use disorders who engage with law enforcement. There are four major pillars in this approach: Prevention, Crisis Intervention, Recovery, and Education. As part of this holistic work between law enforcement and behavioral health this includes a Co-Response clinician as part of a Jail Diversion Program. This is a pre-arraignment diversion program that seeks to divert those in crisis with mental health or substance use issues away from criminal custody and into appropriate clinical levels of care. The clinician is able to offer emergency psychiatric crisis services in the field and provides ongoing post-crisis support including: linkages to outpatient therapy, recovery coaching services, short-term therapy services, assistance with treatment transportation, and linkage to a medication prescriber.

During 2019, Chelmsford has had 298 referrals for the Jail Diversion Program which equates to $328,000 in savings; $228,000 in Emergency Department diversions and $100,000 in Custody diversions.


Additional Contacts:

Domestic Violence Advocate Officer: Detective Brian
(978) 256-2521


Additional Services

Medical Sharps Disposal: This program will provide a means for proper disposal of Medical Sharps for Chelmsford residents ONLY. (NO BUSINESS, MEDICAL OFFICE OR COMMERCIAL DSPOSAL ONLY).

  1. Pre-registration: Please call the BOH office (978) 250-5241 to pre-register (*please note, you only need to register once)
  2. Use of Proper Containers: The Chelmsford Board of Health is ONLY accepting medical sharps containers or coffee cans

Unwanted Medication Disposal Kiosk

Chelmsford Police Department
(2 Olde North Road, Chelmsford, MA (978) 256-2521)

This box allows for anonymous disposal of prescription medicines 24/7. Medication must be in a secured zip-locked baggie no larger than two slices of bread.


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