William James College Interface Referral Services is a paid service that is available to all Westford residents. William James College Interface Referral Services aims to help break down the “silos” that exist between various agencies, mental health providers, and systems that can often hinder access to mental health and wellness services for individuals. Through the Helpline that operates Monday-Friday from 9 AM- 5 PM, callers from subscribing communities will work with a Resource and Referral Counselor who will help them navigate the challenges of finding mental health services. Each caller from a subscribing community will be assigned a lead counselor who will provide matches to services, as well as provide information and resources about mental health and wellness. Please see our “What to Expect When You Call the Helpline” page for more information about our process.


If you, a loved one or fellow community member is experiencing a mental health challenge and currently awaiting care, Westford may be able to help. The Town of Westford acknowledges an overwhelming need for mental health appointments, resulting in long waitlists. We want to help shorten this wait time by offering short – term mobile clinical services in Town buildings to those in need.  For more information, please read the Mobile Clinician description:

Mobile Clinician description

Westford is currently participating in a collaborative Public Health Excellence Grant which includes Westford, Acton, Dracut and Lowell, MA health departments. You may contact our shared Regional Community Health and Wellness Coordinator, to learn more about mental health and substance use prevention programs and efforts:

Brittany Nash
NorthWest Coalition(Westford, Lowell, Dracut, Acton health departments)
55 Main Street
Westford, MA 01886
(978) 399-2564



Please refer to the contact below for more information about Westford’s mental health and substance use prevention efforts:

Westford Town Hall
55 Main Street
Westford, MA 01886
(978) 692-5500



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Westford is a community partner of Prevention Partners of Northern Middlesex