The Greater Lowell and Merrimack Valley regions are home to many Substance Use Disorder (SUD) treatment, harm reduction, support, and recovery resources. Local resources are designed to cover all aspects of the SUD treatment and recovery continuum, from detox to day programming, to medication-assisted treatment (MAT), to structured recovery-based activities.

Looking for resources to learn more about local treatment options?

  • In the blue rectangle below, you’ll find an available resource guide for our area. You can download and share this guide.
  • The Massachusetts Substance Use Help Line has a search engine maintained by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health that you can use to search for local SUD treatment options. You can also speak to someone at the Help Line by calling 800-327-5050.
  • is a search engine that provides information on SUD treatment providers and other resources located in the Greater Lowell area.
  • Most communities in Greater Lowell have people designated by the town/city to engage in services such as post-overdose follow-up, substances use disorder outreach, and/or mental health-police department collaboration that can help residents access SUD, harm reduction, and other services. Find your community on the My Community page to learn more about what services your community offers.

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Looking to learn more about navigating treatment?

Check out our Treatment Navigation to page to learn more about the different types of treatment, how to access treatment, and some considerations for choosing types of treatment.

Check out the 2021 Resource Guide for local resources.

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