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Mural created by Tewksbury Students Against Destructive Decisions

The town of Tewksbury serves its 31,388 residents through various services which include the Front Line Initiative.

The Front Line Initiative, in collaboration with the Tewksbury Police Department, is committed to serving those who are most vulnerable: individuals with serious mental illness, substance use disorder, and other high-risk populations. The core values of the program include respect for individual’s needs and preferences; a commitment to serve individuals regardless of their needs, resistance, and presentation; increased access to service; value for individual natural support systems; and promoting needed services.

Contact one of our team members to see how we can work together to help you or a loved one live your best life!

Community Line: 978-215-9642

  • Executive Director: Matthew Page-Shelton, 978-640-4385, ext. 353, mpage-shelton@tewksbury-ma.gov
  • Co-Response Clinician: CK Knowles, 978-640-4385, ext. 219
  • Recovery Support Clinician: Niko Simao, 978-640-4385, ext. 509
  • Substance Abuse Prevention: Maria Ruggiero, Certified Prevention Specialist, 978-640-4385, ext. 352, mruggiero@tewksbury-ma.gov


  • Narcan Training and Distribution: Maria Ruggiero, 978-640-4385, ext. 352,  mruggiero@tewksbury-ma.gov
  • Front Door Recovery Meeting: See Niko for details.
  • Groups and Individual Services available for substance use and mental health

During the COVID-19 pandemic, SAPC has disseminated weekly newsletters to educate the community on various prevention resources. Check out the newsletters by clicking HERE.

More information can be found at:

Poster created by Tewksbury Students Against Destructive Decisions

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