COVID-19 has provided challenges to resource availability, delivery, and services, however, the Willington team is still in operation and is ready to help you in a capacity that is safe and comfortable to your health needs. If you are unable to reach the clinician or recovery coach directly, please reach out to the non-emergency Wilmington Police Department at 978-658-5071 or in a moment of crisis call 9-1-1 so that they can appropriately direct you.

In 2017, the Town of Wilmington hired a full time clinician to partner with first responders to best serve the residents who were impacted by mental health, substance use, and other behavioral health concerns. Since 2017, Wilmington has strived to meet people where they are at, aid in connection to resources, and provide reliable support. The clinician continues to co-respond with police/fire, complete follow-up after first responders encounters, collaborate with other departments, and offer training opportunities for employees and community members. Although based out of the Public Safety Building, the clinician has the ability to work with anyone regardless of their involvement with first responders or not, and most situations fall into being confidential between resident and clinician. These services seek to connect individuals to long-term providers and collaborate on treatment to best serve the individual and/or family system. There is no age requirement or other identifying requirements in order to seek services through the clinician.

The Wilmington Substance Abuse Coalition seeks to address the rising problem of substance abuse and misuse in our community by providing prevention, education, and support as an effort to promote health and responsible behavior, while equipping individuals with skills for better decision making as it relates to substance use. The focus of the WSAC is to work with the community and other partners to deliver strategies and activities related to substances. WSAC has hosted annual vigils of remembrance and celebration, Mental Health First Aid, adolescent speaker events, partnerships with public schools, collaborations with local religious organizations, parent/guardian speaker events, provided educational materials to various town partners, and more all at no cost to attendees so there are limited barriers to receiving knowledge if desired.

Post-Overdose Response

In Wilmington we, partnered with PAARI for two years, and moving into fiscal year 2020 the Town of Wilmington has added to their budget to have a part time Recovery Coach on staff to assist the clinician with alcohol, opioid, and other substance-use related community members.

Wilmington is excited to partner with most other Middlesex County towns/cities on a new database which provides cross-town collaborations and relationships to best serve clients whom are actively using substances, at high risk, or are active in multiple areas. This police-based partnership allows for Wilmington and other town/city police departments to not have anyone in need of support and services fall through the cracks with their Substance Use Disorder.

In wonderful partnership with police, fire, veterans services, elder affairs, the schools, and other local treatment providers, the team in Wilmington is grateful to be able to work with community members and help them achieve their personalized goals.

Ready to take a step to healing yourself or a loved one? Reach out today!

  • Health & Recovery Coordinator (social worker) – Samantha Reif, LCSW @ 978-447-2296, (Monday/Thursday 2p-10p, Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday 8a-4p)
  • Recovery Coach – currently vacant
  • Domestic Violence – Respond (Tanina Dawidowicz) @ 617-623-5900

Community Based Supports

  • Unused/unwanted/expired medications in your home? Contact Samantha and request a Deterra Pouch to safely dispose of them in the convenience of your own home
  • Experiencing a crisis and can’t reach the Wilmington clinical team? Contact Advocates Psychiatric Emergency Services @ 781-893-2003, 24/7/365

Stay in the Loop!

Wilmington is excited to offer events, resources, and information throughout the week via multiple platforms. Be sure to check them out to stay up to date with not only upcoming community events but also with relevant and trust-worthy educational information:

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