What is Mill City Prevention Network?



The Mill City Prevention Network (MCPN) is Lowell’s taskforce strengthening substance use prevention policies, practices, and programs with the lived experiences and historically underrepresented perspectives of our community members. MCPN was founded in December 2021 by the Substance Use Prevention Grant Coordinator of the Lowell Health Department. Members of MCPN meet to discuss the needs of Lowell’s youth, young adults, and families and collaborate to find solutions we can offer as a community. Individuals from local schools and colleges, after-school programs, faith-based organizations, emergency services, and others come together monthly to continue these important conversations. Mill City Prevention Network also hosts community forums — like our Roundtables coming up on March 1st and 2nd — to make sure the voices of local families are at the center of our work.



How can I get involved?

The mission of Mill City Prevention Network is to tap into community expertise and use real-life experiences to develop effective prevention programs. Without your stories, we will not be able to honor that mission. To ensure everyone has the chance to offer their perspective, we have a few different types of meetings and forums to choose from and we hope you can find something that works for you. If you can’t, please let us know! You can reach Devin Gilmore at dgilmore@lowellma.gov or 978-674-1078 if you cannot attend any of our events and we will work to develop new opportunities for involvement that can fit your schedule.


We get a ton out of having families involved in our group, but there are also a ton of ways families can benefit from joining our efforts. By attending a MCPN meeting or event, you have access to:

  • Guidance on how to help your children make healthy decisions about substances
  • Connections to agencies and professionals in our city ready to help
  • Evidence-based trainings to support you and your family
  • and more!


Participate in the Mill City Prevention Network Family Engagement Survey:

The data collected from these surveys will be used to fund programs and initiatives that meet Lowell’s families where they’re at to target their specific needs. This is meant to be a first step toward easier and more informed communication between families, community providers, and schools in Lowell — and all for the benefit of local youth and young adults!

  • If you are the parent of a child aged 17 or younger in Lowell, please click here to participate in our survey.
  • The Family Engagement Survey can be taken in Khmer, Portuguese, and Spanish. Click on your preferred language to be taken to the corresponding version of our survey.



Contact Us:

The 2022 Greater Lowell Community Health Needs Assessment is LIVE!Click here to learn more and take the survey!
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