Recovery Coaching

Recovery coaches work with individuals who have Substance Use Disorder (SUD) to support provide support by removing barriers and obstacles to recovery. Recovery coaches do this by serving as a guide for someone with SUD through treatment services, social services, and many other aspects of the recovery journey. Recovery coaches promote patient recovery from SUD by connecting clients with recovery support services designed to generate individualized recovery options, including, but not limited to, attendance at AA or NA meetings, support groups, and connection to sober communities and activities. Recovery coaches play an important role in an individual’s early recovery, where transitions from inpatient treatment to sober living and maintained sobriety can be challenging. Many recovery coaches are in active recovery from drug and/or alcohol use.

Many times, recovery coaching is paired with outpatient counseling. If you are interested in learning more about counseling, click the resource below.

Check out the 2021 Resource Guide for additional information on this program.

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