Alert: Opioid Overdose Surge Protocol

Lowell, MA’s public safety agencies have seen a severe increase in opioid-related incidents via 9-1-1 in the city during the past 48 hours. All incidents occurring in Lowell have been non-fatal.  We suspect that there is a stronger batch of opioids/fentanyl in the area. As you are aware, today, many street drugs contain deadly fentanyl. We strongly urge people not to use opioids, but if you or your loved one is suffering from a substance use disorder, please be extra vigilant in the coming days. Do not use substances alone, check on your loved ones frequently if they may be using opioids, and call 9-1-1 immediately if you witness an overdose. If you need help accessing a detox or recovery program, please contact one of the following:

Lowell Community Opioid Outreach Program (CO-OP): 978-631-7240

Lowell House Addiction Treatment and Recovery: 978-459-8656


Lainnie Emond, LMHC * Substance Abuse Coordinator * Lowell Health Department * 978-674-1065