Free Online and Community Resources

With rising concerns around mental health and substance use during COVID as well as the heightened anxiety due to current events we felt it was important to partner with CredibleMind to bring access to this amazing evidence based resource to the local communities.

The Front Line Initiative has partnered with California based CredibleMind to bring immediate FREE access to mental health topics. This is not meant to be a replacement for treatment however instead an accessing point. This resource is for the 75% of the community who is at home feeling like something is different and seeking resources and want a self-guided process. The site provides access to evidence-based assessment tools, helps community members discover resources and tools to help them in their process and also directly connects them to local resources.

Access to this site is FREE of charge and absolutely confidential and the project was made possible through grant funding awarded from the Department of Justice. This success of this resource is in all of us being able to get the word out and for the community to engage with the resource.