Get to Know the Resources of The Center for Black Health & Equity

Black History Month seems a fitting time to share The Center for Black Health & Equity’s services and resources. The Center promotes campaigns, programs, and resources created for African American audiences. Their culturally competent information, trainings, and strategies aim to end health inequities caused by racism in the Black community.

The Center’s website ( educates about the root causes of health inequities and the challenges that African Americans face. The website will introduce you to tools, trainings, and opportunities to help you improve Black health in your community.

You can register for The Center’s virtual State of Black Health Biennial Conference on March 2 and 3, 2021. This year’s conference will tackle COVID-19, gun violence, mental health and more. By attending, public health professionals and community advocates can develop actionable policy plans for improving black health in their region.

You’ll also find COVID-19 vaccine information resources that clarify scientific facts and support Black community members in making informed decisions about the COVID-19 vaccination.

I encourage you to get to know The Center for Black Health & Equity and their many resources (including the Black Body Health Podcast) that support Black health and fight for social justice. They are a leading source of education and advocacy for tobacco, cancer and other health inequities affecting African Americans.

Interested in promoting CBHE’s COVID Big Quit? Call Ashley Hall, Northeast Tobacco-Free Manager, at (978) 722-2864 for support.