How to have an honest conversation with your kids about dangers of fentanyl

Deaths caused by fentanyl continue to plague the younger segment of the population.

As of last month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says a minimum of 70,000 deaths over one year could be attributed to synthetic opioid overdoses, including thousands of teenagers and young adults.

The Drug Enforcement Administration says upwards of 25% of pills sold as OxyContin, Percorcet or Xanax on the black market are fake and can contain enough fentanyl to kill a person. They can look like authentic pills and fentanyl can be in them without people knowing.

Sam Didier, whose 17-year-old brother died from fentanyl after he thought he was taking painkillers, says it’s hard to always classify deaths from the opioid as an overdose.

“This is not the case of someone taking too much of a drug,” he told TODAY. “This is the case of someone being poisoned.”

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