*COVID-19* Recovery and Mental Health Resources

During this difficult time, it is even more important to make our wellness is a top priority, especially for those in treatment and recovery from substance use disorder (SUD). Check out the resources below for individuals with SUD and their families as we cope during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Mental Health Support

  • Does COVID-19 have you feeling stressed, upset, or worried? It helps to talk to people that you can trust. Click on the flier for more information brought to you by Family Services of the Merrimack Valley: FS-Flyer-COVID-Helpline 2020
  • Psychiatric Emergency Services teams are 24 hour resource for every community in Massachusetts. Each team focuses on providing supports to individuals and families of all ages whom are experiencing a behavioral health crisis. You will be able to talk to a professional who will provide support, information, and/or guide you or your loved one in the right direction. These services can be community based, in partnership with local police, and in hospitals.
    • Billerica – Lahey/Northeast Behavioral Health: 800-830-5177
    • Chelmsford – Lahey/Northeast Behavioral Health: 800-830-5177
    • Dracut – Lahey/Northeast Behavioral Health: 800-830-5177
    • Lowell – Lahey/Northeast Behavioral Health: 800-830-5177
    • Tewksbury – Lahey/Northeast Behavioral Health: 800-830-5177
    • Tyngsborough – Lahey/Northeast Behavioral Health: 800-830-5177
    • Westford – Lahey/Northeast Behavioral Health: 800-830-5177
    • Wilmington – Advocates: 781-893-2003

** These teams are specific to your region. To find your region and what office services you, click HERE.**

Recovery Resources

Treatment and Supportive Services: Treatment and support for SUD does not stop during a public health epidemic. Many SUD and recovery treatment providers are switching to phone screenings and tele-medicine platforms as a means to continue providing services for their clients. Call you current provider(s) if you have questions about your upcoming appointments and/or how their services may or may not be impacted by COVID-19. Many providers are still accepting new clients; if you are interested in starting with a new treatment provider, call them directly to ask if they are accepting new clients during this time.

Community Resources

Coping Skills and Self-Care

High Risk Populations

Holidays: Worried about the upcoming holidays? Click HERE to check out articles written by those in recovery and those who have experienced loss due to substance use disorder.

Youth and Family Resources

Check out our virtual learning library! Click here to learn more.