Disposing of your unused and unwanted medications is important in helping to keep your family and community safe. By using proper disposal methods you can prevent the accidental poisoning of children and pets, stop misuse by youth and adults, and keep medications from entering our water supply.

Medication Disposal Options in Greater Lowell

  • 24-Hour Drop-off Services: An unwanted medication collection box is located in the main lobby of your local police department. These collection boxes are for use by the community to dispose of unwanted medications (pill form only), no questions asked. To use, place your prescription and over-the-counter pills in a clear sandwich bag and place the sandwich bag in the slot located on the collection box.
  • Disposal Drop-off Days: Your community may host medication disposal drop-off days throughout the year and/or participate in the DEA’s National Medication Take Back Day. Types of medications accepted may vary depending on the event. Common medications that are often collected are prescription and over the counter medications, vitamins, narcotics, and veterinary medications.
  • Pharmacy Disposal: Some pharmacies collect unwanted and unused medications. Check with your pharmacist to see which types of medications they may accept.

Contact your local health or police department to learn more about disposal options, or visit our community pages.

Additional Medication Prevention Tips

  • Put medications away upon receiving and after each use, including medications for pets.
  • Place medications in a locked drawer, pouch, cabinet, or safe.
  • Keep count of the pills in each bottle.
  • Spread the Word – talk with your family and friends about the importance of keeping medication stored and disposed of properly.
  • If your child takes medication during the school day, ensure that you comply with school nurse guidelines in managing medication for students during the school day.
  • Help children understand the importance of taking medication as prescribed and of the risks that come with sharing medication with others.
  • Talk with your doctor about alternative pain management options
  • Ask your pharmacist about the Partial-Fill Law which allows you to request a lower opioid prescription count.